Blogging & Content Marketing

Content. It’s everywhere. A lot of people try to write content because the world and world wide web need a lot of it. That’s why most of it is bland, generic, and forgettable. The best content out there—whether it’s an article in the New York Times Sunday Business Section, a television commercial for a Swiss airline, or a blog post for a business—has something in common: great writing.

You know great writing when you see it. It makes you smile. It makes you keep reading. And it makes you think about it later.

Here’s a secret: If you hire for great writing you will get it—whether it’s for an internal email campaign for a hotel, a company vision statement, a sales deck for a plumbing company, or a travel feature in The Financial Times.

Great content is great writing. And the more unexpected places that feature great writing (I’m thinking of you, plumbing sales deck), the more impact it will have.

In case you’re wondering, I’ve written all of the things mentioned above. No matter the project, I listen and then I listen again. Because great writing starts with great listening. And then I work to find the truth and tell that story—however small or large—in the tightest, most compelling way possible.

Blog & Content Marketing Examples:

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Swiss Life Just Got a Little Easier. Or at Least, a Little Funnier. (Email, Swiss Life Book)