Swiss Life: 30 Things I Wish I’d Known (May 2014) is a collection of both published and new essays in which Chantal discovers that no matter how hard she wills her geraniums to cascade properly, she will never be a glamorous American expatriate—or Swiss.

99.9 Ways to Travel Switzerland Like a Local (May 2017) is one part travel book, one part culture guide, and total bucket list enjoyment. It allows readers to say adieu to Lucerne and allegra to the place the Swiss voted most beautiful. It encourages souvenir shoppers to cut the Swiss army knife from their list and replace it with a rubber messenger bag. And it gives tourists the inspiration they need to stop following umbrella-toting tour guides (or books that act like them) and start following 320,000 well-dressed Swiss cows instead.


I have also contributed to many other books, including Fodor’s Travel Switzerland (2015) and Fodor’s Essential Switzerland (2018).